2-14-14 – CrossFit DGA
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A. OHS 4-5 x 4 @ 20×1 rest 2-3 min
B1. DB SA Arnold Press 10-12 x 3 @ 3010 rest 30 sec
B2. Supinated Pullup 4-5 x 3 @ 21×1 rest 1 min
12 min AMRAP
60 Bar Facing Burpee
3 Push Press 115/75
3 T2B

***Notes- If the athlete does not have 1 strict pull-up + 20% of BW for females or +33% for males the athlete may not do Push Presses. Please sub strict shoulder presses for the push presses. If you do not know if you can do a pull-up + said weight, please try it tomorrow. One of the reasons behind this is that I have started to notice that “some” of the athletes that have shoulder problems/pain/tenderness lack the absolute strength to do pronated pull-ups(we can discuss in further detail tomorrow). I am in search of the ultimate program. The program where everyone is healthy and achieving maximum results while staying away from injuries. The search continues tomorrow…Onward and Upward!!!!!



Front Squat- work to a tough single in 15 min
10 min AMRAP
60 Bar Facing Burpee
30 OHS 135/95
10 MU/15 C2B Pullups

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