9-18-13 – CrossFit DGA
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1. New intro class will start Sept 30. If you have friends or family that are interested please have them contact D or Eric.

2. There will be no more 11:00 a.m.  on M, W, or Friday at this time. Participation over the last two or three weeks was about 1-2 people per class. I hope that you guys will understand. We will definitely bring it back next summer.

3. There will be no 4:30 or 5:30 class on Friday evening. No Saturday class on Sept 21.

4. We have a great workout planned for Thursday. Please make sure you are there and are plenty hydrated.


A. RDL 4-5 x 4 @ 4010 rest 2-3 min

B. CGBP 4-5 x 4 @ 3010 rest 2 min


EMOM for 12 min

Even-15 KBS

Odd- Shuttle Sprint run to foul pole and back to ditch approx 100m


FC x 3- From ditch to foul pole and back to ditch = 1 rep -aprox 100m


A. Hang Clean “mid thigh” 1-2 x 5 rest 3 min

B1. Push Press 2-3 x 4 rest 1 min

B2. Rope Climb x 3 rest 2 min- rest 2 min after all 3 rope climbs

C1. Seated DB Press 4-5 x 4 @ 3010 rest 30 sec

C2. DB Powell Raise 4-5 x 4 @ 3010 rest 30 sec, rest 1 min

This may take longer than 1 hour. But since all of you are fierce competitors time is not of the essence. Please get it done. You will not have the chance to make up anything this week.


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