April 24 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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April 24 2018

A1. SL and SA RDL 4 x 6 per side
A2. HPC 4-2-2-1 (weight gets heavier each set) rest as needed
B1. Sea Lions down and back x 4 sets
B2. Wtd Lunge 25′ x 4 sets (HAP)
B3. Lying Tricep Ext w/ BB 4 x 8 slow and controlled
4 sets
1 Malcolm
2-3 Wall Walks
rest as needed

A. Hang Snatch x 2-3 EMOM for 8 min (Stay above the knees)
B. Snatch Balance + 1 OHS (2 total OHS) x 5 sets of the complex
**HTLW for A and B
4 sets
10 DL 225/155
10 Cal Row
rest 60-90 sec
**lets put the HSPU work to test and see if we have improved–NO Sloppy reps
**Push the pace on the rower
4 sets for quality
8 OHS 155/105
Sled pulls
rest as needed to complete OHS UB, Increase Pullups if needed
**If its not heavy enough add weight….
Optional RC work w/ NO Legs
Hold, Climbs, Etc…

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