August 11th, 2017 – CrossFit DGA
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August 11th, 2017


A. Back Squat 20-15-10-10 rest as needed b/n sets (challenge yourself)
B. Pushups 3 x AMRAP w/ perfect form #25,15,10, BW
**for the pushups on EACH set you will start w/ #25 and end with BW. Do AMRAP w/ #25, then #20,
then #15, and last part of the set is AMRAP @ BW
**for the pushups be sure that you have perfect form. body should move in a straight line
throughout the movement. you may even want to video yourself doing these. Some of you may not need to add weight.
EMOM for 4 sets
1 min-SA DB Push Press 15 sec per side
2 min- Suicide (no Burpee) 3 cones
3 min-Sled push (25-30 sec) distance does not matter
4 min-10-12 Burpee
5 min- AB 10-12 Cals (35 sec of work every set)
Cool Down

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