August 25 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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August 25 2016

A. Parallel Pullups 1RM-Work to a wtd single or 1 strict with no weight
For time
40/30 Cal Row
20 Burpees over the rower (lateral)
4 sets
1 sled push (90/50)
8/10 Cal AB (350-400w/225-250w) This is the reccomended watts for the AB( if you can go harder please do so) The AB is not for recovery for this session; see rest time below
rest 1:1

A. Clean- Accumulate 12 perfect singles rest as needed (FHTLW)
**Only add weight if the previous rep was perfect.
B. 7- S. HSPU + 8 K HSPU x 4 sets reduce rest periods from last week
C. EMOM for 5 min K HSPU- pick a number that is challenging but doable and you should be able to complete in about 20-25 sec
200m run
rest 1 min x 9
Maintain intensity and times from last week

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