August 29 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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August 29 2016

DGA!!! In an effort to continue educating our coaches and members on creating better movement patterns we have decided to start using one day per month and call it “assessment day”. We will be starting today off with an assessment. Stanley will be teaching the assessment, the reasons/significance of the assessment, and also providing correctives if you happen to show limitations during the assessment. I am super excited about this new offering for our gym. There is no extra cost and its all about making all of our clients better. Both groups will do the assessment. The assessment will start right after the warmup. Looking forward to another great week of learning and training with all of you.

A. RFESS 8 RM @ 3010- Goal is 1/3 of BW per hand
“DT” Prep
Specific Movement Prep with lighter weights 7-10 mins
“DT” Prep Training
5 sets
9- Deadlift
6- Shoulder to OH
rest 1 min b/n each set
**Prescibed weight 155/105, please scale accordingly

A. Snatch-Build to a tough single, then do 4 reps @ 90% of the tough single
B. Front Squat- Build to a heavy double for the day
14 min AMRAP
400 m run (Buy in only) you will only do the 400m once
30 DU
20 WB
10 Burpee over rower- face rower

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