August 4 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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August 4 2016

A1. Parallel Pullups 4 x 3-4 @ 31×2 no rest
A2. Lateral Raise (both arms at the same time) 4 x 10 @ 3010 no rest “Thumbs up, Dont go past parallel with arms”
A3. Band Pull Aparts 4 x 15 @ 31×3
4 rounds not for time
20 KBS (American)
10 Burpees
8/10 Cal AB
rest 90-120 sec b/n sets
(if you are unable to do at least 2 reps of the parallel pullup please do the complex below)
10 Fat Bar Bicep Curls
10 Lat Pulldowns w/band

Competition:A. Clean- Accumulate 12 perfect singles rest as needed
**Only add weight if the previous rep was perfect.
B. 3-5- S. HSPU + 6 K HSPU x 4 sets rest as needed b/n sets
C. Arch UP Accumulate 40 reps
D. Arch UP and Hold x 2 sec Accumulate 50 reps using opposite leg/opposite arm (25 per side)
200m run
rest 1 min x 6
**For “B”- Some of you have refined your positioning for the HSPU and it looks great. Some of you have not. Positioning and mobility are far more important because it will inevitably allow you to do more HSPU (of course this is the long term approach). Please focus on hand positions, being stable, and if you need mobility work please get with one of the coaches. This goes for all of our movements,, not just HSPU.

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