August 5 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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August 5 2016

A. FS 4 x 6 (3 sec pause in bottom; no bounce) rest 90-120 sec (Build)**Note changes in tempo
B1. SA FW 150′ x 5 sets
B2. DB Thruster 5 x 8 (Build)
30 sec shuttle run in the gym
30 sec OHS 95/65 **adjust weight so that you can work all 30 sec
30 sec shuttle run in the gym
rest 1 min x 5
If it is nice outside you can opt to do the conditioning outside
Stretch Cool down

“Battery work”
A. Snatch (squat) 2 singles EMOM for 9 min-mod heavy- all reps should be perfect and no misses
**Masters men sub cleans
B. Back Squat 3 reps EMOM for 7 mins-mod heavy- no misses
4 sets
500m row @ 80% (match same times as last week)
12 UB OHS 95/65 **masters men sub front squat or use PVC pipe for workout
6/12 UB C2b PU
rest 90 sec
**You should feel like you can do a couple of more sets of the conditioning. We wil be building on this over the next coupe of weeks.

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