August 8 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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August 8 2016

A1. RFESS 4 x 6 @ 5010 rest 90 sec after each leg Build **Note changes in tempo
A2. BB Strict OH Press 4 x 6 @ 51×1 rest 60-90 sec Build **Note changes in tempo
With a continuously running clock
Every 90 sec for 7 sets
5 PC 135/85 **may increase weight if form is perfect
1 Shuttle Run in parking lot
***There will be a good bit of rest time this week, the rest will get shorter as we go deeper into the cycle
(FR Mobility)
30 sec upper back on foam roller
30 sec hang on PU Bar
x 3 sets

A. Snatch- 12 singles- perfect form only add weight if previous set was perfect (try to finish heavier than last week)
B. Front Squat 5 reps every 90 sec for 8 sets- mod heavy- no misses
EMOM for 18 min
1 min- 10 Alt’ing DB Snatch
2 min-8/10 Cal Row
3 min-9 Burpee Over rower

***I know that some of you are competing this weekend. If you have questions about movement standards, strategy, fueling recommendations, or just general questions in regards to competing lets discuss tomorrow or Tue.

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