Dec 17th 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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Dec 17th 2018

A1. KB Seesaw Press from tall kneeling 4 x 7 @ 3010
A2. Chin Over the Bar Hold 4 x 5-10 sec
A3. DB Hammer Curl (Seated) 4 x 7
rest as needed
4 sets
400m row
sled push
FLR 60 sec (accumulate)
**Decrease row by 100m each set- 400,300,200,100
2-3 sets
“Shoulder Health”
Wtd Arm Circles 12 sec @ 4 positions
10 External Rotation w/ plate
10 Band Pull Aparts

A1. 4 PU + 3 C2b + 2 MU x 4 sets (the goal is to complete UB
**Please alter complex based off of your individual skill level
A2. Medball ground to OH 4 x 6 (HTLW)
A3. FW 4 x 100′
rest as needed after A’s
B1. Dips (Bar) 4 x 4-5 @ 31×1
B2. T2b AMRAP UB x 4 sets
rest as needed
**We did not make too many changes for this week. We will continue to
focus on upper pulling and pushing movements (at least until Jan 1st). We would like to encourage our clients to discontinue using bands to assist with dips and pull-ups. When the user uses the bands for
assistance the band does not let the user control the eccentric. You are
serving yourself much better by altering to another movement where you can control
the Full ROM. Please ask your coach thats leading the class for better alternatives.

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