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Denna Haddox

My name is Denna Haddox and my CrossFit journey started 3 years ago when I learned about CrossFit from family members and had to find out for myself what it was all about. The moment I stepped foot in CrossFit DGA I knew I could call it my home . I have always been a loud, up beat extrovert but I was not always fit.

I walked in the door out of shape and intimidated but I was determined to get my life and body back after kids and a long time of eating bad and not caring. I decided it was time to change and most important I WANTED to change and be a better role model for my 2 girls but I knew in order to help and encourage them I had to start with myself. I have worked really hard in the gym physically and mentally to be a stronger and better person. Now my main goal is to reach out to others to learn from and teach to educate and encourage and to help others reach their goals in the gym and in life.


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