February 28th, 2017 – CrossFit DGA
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February 28th, 2017


Welcome to Tuesday, guys! Great job making it to the second day of the week!

In case you guys didn’t see on Facebook, The Games website is having some trouble with people uploading their scores, so the deadline has been pushed to tomorrow at 8pm. If you haven’t submitted your score yet, please do so before tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be another awesome day! I cannot wait to see you all again!


A. Back Squat 3 x 6-8 @ 21×1 rest 2-3 min
B. HPS 4 x 5-7 rest as needed (skill work)
9 min AMRAP
15 T2b
10 DL 95/65
5 Ground to OH
Cool down-4-6 min cyclical row, ab, walk
Foam roll caves 1 min per side
Foam roll quads 1 min per side (start on lateral side)


A. Clean and Jerk- Technique work 10-15 min
B. Pistol practice- 8-10 min
9 min AMRAP
15 T2b
10 DL 115/75
5 Ground to OH
2-3 sets
8-10 Wall Slides slow and controlled
8-10 Ring Pushup w/ turnout

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