***Fundraiser-Nov 17th at 10:30!!! Please come out and support*** – CrossFit DGA
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***Fundraiser-Nov 17th at 10:30!!! Please come out and support***

We are asking that you please mark your calendar for Nov 17th at 10:30am!!!!  We are going to do our first EVER fundraiser and we want each of you to be a part of this special event…this event is to show our love and support for a family and a young lady who has been struck by cancer!!  Grace, who is the cousin of Sanders and Amelia and the niece of Holly and Kevin Smith was diagnosed with cancer.  Please stay tuned for more information about Miss Grace!!!  In honor of her, we will be doing a very special WOD called “GRACE”—we are simply asking that you donate whatever your heart desires.  If there are any specific needs for Grace and/or the family, we will certainly let you know!

Onward and upward!!!!!

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