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Jan McMichael

Jan’s Journey

In April 2014, my last full month of nursing school and my scrubs were getting tighter. I stepped on the scale one morning and there was a dreadful number, 189 pounds! First I cried. I had never gained that much weight with either of my 2 pregnancies. But that was the number…granted my drivers license said 165 pounds. So I went to clinicals that morning and my instructor suggested I try CrossFit. But I had tried CrossFit once before and I could not move the next day. She explained how things had changed. Eric from CrossFit DGA had added personal training and a beginners type class to ease newbies like me into the CrossFit world. So I tried it….scared to death when I walked in the first night. There were no treadmills, no spin bikes, and no weight machines like at a “regular” gym. This was going to be all me…my own strength. After that first evening I spoke with both Eric and Dena and personal training was definitely the way for me to go. Since that first night and making the decision to go with personal training, I have learned more than I ever did on any diet program or exercise program ( and I use to teach spin classes and aerobic classes). I have leaned about good proteins and carbohydrates vs the bad processed proteins and carbohydrates. I have learned about all the junk I was adding to my food and drinks that was just adding to my weight gain and uneven sugar levels (those highs and lows during the day), and I learned about sleep. I have learned about repetitions and doing different movements slowly. But, don’t worry I did not learn all of this the first week…it has taken several months of commitment and listening to advice and following that advice. Now, where has taking each day step by step as I have learned simple changes like drinking black coffee and cooking with coconut oil ( which changed my complexion within a week!)…Having Eric and Natalie along with the encouragement from other gym instructors and members has me in December 2014 weighing in at 154 pounds and 24% body fat! And one of the best things is when I go to CrossFit DGA, the members there are encouraging each other as they work out together. They yell and encourage me as I do my own workouts. This is not a gym where you will find gossiping or people starring at you because of how you look or what you wear. You will be on the floor getting dirty with Turkish get ups and sweating with sleds all along with people cheering you own. DGA and its member go out of there way to accept you where you are in your journey. And, this is a journey! I just can’t wait to get back in the gym and see what 2015 brings (maybe a pull up, head stand, or possible rope.:)
So, if you’re nervous or just thinking about it…STOP!! Trust me, I have taught the classes, gotten aerobic certifications, and have done 3 different programs….CrossFit and from my experience CrossFit DGA personal training is the answer to getting your body into the best shape possible and learning about what foods fuel our body to make those changes happen!

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