July 11th, 2017 – CrossFit DGA
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July 11th, 2017


Hope everyone had a great start to their week!  Tomorrow has some great gymnastics strengths programmed. Remember, even if gymnastics isn’t your primary focus, these movements will still build nessacary strength for other movements. Crossfit is about being a well rounded athlete, in all aspects of the sport!

A1. 2 Wall Walk + 20 sec Hold at top on both reps x 4 sets
A2. Feet Elevated Ring Row 4 x 5-7 @ 31×3
B1. Pike Pulse (1 leg at a time) 4 x 5 per side
B2. Strict T2b 4 x 3-5 with 2-3 sec hold at the top
C1. Hollow Hold 30-45 sec x 3-4 sets
C2. Sea Lion Down and back x 3-4 sets

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