July 28th, 2017 – CrossFit DGA
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July 28th, 2017


Hey crew! Don’t forget, our Saturday morning class will be held at Dublin high school practice football field! It is located just behind the baseball field! 930a is the start time! And don’t forget about your running shoes! 👟

A.RDL 4 x 5 @ 3010 rest 2 min
B.RFESS 4 x 7 @ 3010 rest 60 sec b/n each leg
C. Pushups 3 x AMRAP w/ perfect form #25,15,10, BW
**for the pushups on EACH set you will start w/ #25 and end with BW. Do AMRAP w/ #25, then #20,
then #15, and last part of the set is AMRAP @ BW
**for the pushups be sure that you have perfect form. body should move in a straight line
throughout the movement. you may even want to video yourself doing these. Some of you may not need to add weight.
EMOM for 4 sets
1 min-DB Push Press @ 30 sec
2 min- Suicide (no Burpee) 3 cones
3 min-Sled push (25-30 sec) distance does not matter
4 min-10-12 Burpee
rest 2-3 min
*Each EMOM wil start w/ 200m run, the EMOM will start at the 2 min mark
*You will get a 2-3 min rest after the completion of each EMOM, this is different. I like to try new things, please pay attention when we
are briefing.

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