March 12 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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March 12 2018


So 18.3 is almost in the books….It has been an exciting Open thus far. I am completely amazed at the difference from last year to this year. Some of you have developed more physical capacity, some have gone through a body metamorphosis, and some have even done both. We have 2 more weeks left. The open is just like life it is about finishing and execution. Lets get ready to do both!!! See you tomorrow DGA!!!!!

“Fitness and Comp”
A. PC + Clean + FS x 5-6 “working sets” rest as needed
2 sets
30/25 cal row
35 WB
2 sets
25 DB Thruster
15 Burpee over DB (lateral)
If you are participating in the open you can bet your house that you will
see HSPU this week….

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