March 13 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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March 13 2018


A1. OHS- Mindful practice- 4 x 5-7- NO tempo this week- You can add weight
**Good wamrup before you start, you have spent a good bit of time over the last few
weeks developing more capacity in the OHS. Take your time. Make each rep as
perfect as possible
A2. Strict Pullups 4 x 5 @ slow and controlled
3 sets
25 KBS
200m run
3 Malcolms
Body Building
3 sets
Z press x 10 slow and controlled
Double KB Row x 10 slow and controlled
Wtd Pushups x 10 @ 3010

A.HSPU Practice- Mindful practice
**Hand position,body position, etc…
1 min Pistol 3 per side
2 min PC x 3 @ moderate weight
3 min WB 20-30 sec of work or AB (only if you did WB’s yesterday)
4 min HSPU Strict+Kipping
** These need to be “smaller” sets. Something that will stimulate but not create too much

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