Nov 23rd 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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Nov 23rd 2018

Black Friday  FAMILY Friday– I wanted to challenge everyone today to think about to this day a little different. Instead of seeing how much you can spend on the things that you really do not need, spend some TIME with a friend or relative or both and reflect on all that you are thankful for this past year. I want to personally say thank you to every single one of you. You are the reason that we have this place and you are the reason that we are able to have great coaches!!! Happy FAMILY Friday to all of you!!!!!!!!


Family Friday
A. Clean + Shoulder to OH + BS + Shoulder to OH 3 reps x 4-5 sets- rest as needed
5 rounds 15/10 cals AB (AFAP)
17 UB WB
10 DB Burpee Step Overs
rest as needed
3 sets
Star Plank on elbow 15-20 sec per side
SA FC 150′



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