Oct 15th 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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Oct 15th 2018

What an amazing weekend with friends fitnessing!!!! We had the most participants of any gym and we not only showed up, we showed out!!! Congratulations to Matt, Ashley, and Sebastian for competing in their first ever CF Competition and also finishing on the podium.
The teams also had an amazing day of competition and at the time of writing this(9:45PM) I am not exactly sure where the teams finished but I know that everyone had a great and fun weekend. Thank you to everyone who competed because of you guys we won a new pair of Jerk Blocks!!! Looking forward to getting back in the gym tomorrow!! Sleep hard and sleep long!! See you tomorrow  


A1. RFESS 4 x 8 @ 3010
A2. SA Arnold Press + FR KB Hold 4 x 8 @ 3010
** You may have to share weights here
4 sets
3 cone malcolm
12 KBS
1 sled push
rest as needed b/n sets
3 sets
15 KB Situps
30-45 sec hollow hold w/ weight
5 strict T2b

A. Front Squat (from the rack) 4 x 5 rest 2 min (HAP)
3 sets
40 DU
5 Cleans @ 80% of 1RM
rest as needed to complete MU UB
3 sets
20 cals AB
100′ FW
rest as needed

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