Oct 30th 2018 – CrossFit DGA
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Oct 30th 2018

I had a great time with this group of folks on Sunday morning!! I am thankful that they let me tag along. We had a blast…Looking forward to doing it again in the future…the distant future that is.

A1. Double KB Snatch 4 x 7
A2. BB BP 4 x 5
B1. Double KB OH Carry 50′ x 4 sets
B2. Ring Row w/Feet Elevated on block 4 x 10 @ 31×3
B3. TGU 2 per side x 4
400m run
rest 60 sec x 4
200m walk cool down

A. CG DL AMRAP- Build to a heavy 3 for the day in 4 sets
B. 80% of A AMRAP x 2 rest 2 min
4 sets
12 HC 50/35
60 DU’s
14 SA Push Press (7 Per side)
rest 2 min
**The goal here is to be as efficient as possible with your DB’s
**Your grip will be challenged a little more which will make the DU’s tougher
3 sets
Hollow Hold w/ KB’s x 30-45 sec
Hollow w/ Flutter Kick x 30-45 sec
Psoas March x 30-45 sec

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