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Our Facility

About Us

Fitness is what we use at CrossFit DGA to make us better at life. We walk it, talk it, live it, and love it. We use the FMS scoring system and the Opex assessment protocol in our initial assessments. Using these two assessment programs allows us to diagnose any orthopedic issues that a client may have. There are no fast and easy fixes at CrossFit DGA. It is a lifelong commitment to a better life.

What Makes Us Different?

You WILL be challenged more than you’ve ever been challenged. The best way for us to describe CrossFit DGA is for you to come out and observe a class or two. Give us a call or email us. If you are interested in becoming a part of this different and unique experience…we’d be honored!

CrossFit DGA is a strength and conditioning program that is unmatched in its results. We do not have treadmills, ellipticals, or machines. We have real equipment and real results. We train hard, and we eat clean. Remember, “routine is the enemy.” Please contact us for a free workout.