September 1 2016 – CrossFit DGA
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September 1 2016

A1. BB OH Shrug 3 x 10 w/ 2 sec pause at top and control descent no rest
A2. KB Bottom up press from half kneeling 3 x 10 @ 3010 rest 30-60 sec after each arm
**The BB OH shrug is a new movement. The ROM is small.
**Glues and core tight. Keep rib cage pulled down
B. PC Technique 10-12 min work to a tough triple for the day- does not have to be Tng
5 sets
sled push (only 75′)
sprint length of parking lot (just one way)
Chin over the bar hold AMSAP (you may use rings if you need an extra challenge)

A. Clean- Work to a heavy single for the day + 3 @ 90% of tough single(FHTLW)
**Only add weight if the previous rep was perfect.
B. 7- S. HSPU + 8 K HSPU x 4 sets same rest periods as last week
C. EMOM for 5 min K HSPU- pick a number that is challenging but doable, and that you can complete in about 20 sec (the goal this week is to be more consistent)
Every 3 min for 5 sets
200m run
5 Squat Cleans 135/95 masters 115/75
**you may increase weight on 3rd set**
mobility/cool down

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